GrowRing Ltd. was founded in 2015 by Gal and Roni koss, a happily married couple intend on making a fundamental change in the diamond industry. The couple’s extensive background in natural diamond trading and production, together with a deep understanding in innovative marketing tools and techniques, have brought about the realization that a fundamental problem exists in the diamond industry

It is this realization that has set the couple on a journey to turn the problem into opportunity. GrowRing leverages recent advances in manmade diamond and gem technology while implementing the latest approaches in point of sale marketing. The result is a newly conceived product that actually enhances the customer journey, creating more personal interaction and eye contact with the final product.

  • Gal Shemer Koss
    Gal Shemer Koss

    Gal is a designer skilled in a wide range of scopes including graphic design, interior design, signage, application and web design.

    She was the co-owner of the first Espresso bar chain in Israel, where she gained experience in the art of branding, retail marketing, customer relations and executive level management.

    Gal is a perfectionist striving for the highest visual results who doesn’t take no for an answer.
    She is a graduate of Shenkar, Israel’s premier design school, and School of Visual Arts in NYC.

    • Roni Koss
      Roni Koss

      Roni is a third generation diamond manufacturer and trader. Having being raised in a family who co founded the diamond exchange in Israel, Roni masters the entire of the industry value chain.

      He started his career at the age of 18, polishing diamonds on a wheel. Thanks to his exceptional skills, over the years he has forged close relationships with the key industry players, from major league traders to master polishers and jewelry retailers worldwide.

      Roni is graduate of IDC in Herzliya majoring in computer science and business management, and is one of the better known young personas in the Israeli diamond industry.