The GrowRing platform revolutionizes retail jewelry by transforming the shopping experience altogether – enabling your customers watch your entire collection using mixed reality holograms and live 3D models.

Your Store as a New Form of Media

Our technology defines a new experiential journey at the point of sale. Acting as an expert product ambassador when shopping for an engagement ring, it leaves a truly unique and memorable imprint on your shoppers.

Retail Magic

GrowRing’s innovative concept combines the latest mixed reality technology. Using our “TRY ON” app with goggles available at the point of sale, visitors can virtually browse, select, and try on an entire jewelry collection.

Simply mix and match the design, carat size and shape to create a dream piece like no other.

Rethinking the Traditional Jewelry store

GrowRing is reinventing retail jewelry, enabling the first truly modular alternative to selling timeless jewelry. Break free from traditional constraints. Open up to new revenue streams empowered by digital advancement.

No Inventory

Transforming the old fashioned jewelry store model into a more approachable casual shop
Say goodbye to costly overhead, safes, insurance and security guards
It’s that simple